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DreamRiver Labradors
DreamRiver Labs began when Kate Davern got her first Labrador Retriever. The loyalty, spunk, enthusiasm, and intelligence of the breed hooked her immediately! Kate's love of canines and the rewards their companionship offers has led her to become a prominent dog trainer and handler in Northern California. DreamRiver Labradors is a partnership, between Kate Davern and Katie Williams, devoted to preserving the all-purpose Labrador Retriever in:

  • family companionship
  • hunting
  • obedience
  • conformation

Sundowners Kennel
Sundowners Kennel is a professional training kennel, run by Pluis Davern and Kate Davern-Monaco, specializing in:

  • training dogs for the Search Dog Foundation
  • hunting dogs for upland game and waterfowl (Retrievers, Spaniels, Pointers, & Setters)
  • title in obedience and conformation
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